The Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation has Closed. 


The New Foundation is called:


Starsong Foundation


Please visit the new web site at:






“There is a man who is my brother, I just don’t know his name.

But I know his home and family, because I know we feel the same.

And it hurts me when he’s hungry and when his children cry.

I, too, am a Father and that little one is mine.


It's about time we begin it, to turn the world around.

It's about time we start to make it, the dream we've always known.

It's about time we start to live it, the family of man.

It's about time, and it's about changes and it's about time.

It's about peace and it's about plenty and it's about time,

It's about you and me together and it's about time.


Opening music taken from 3rd verse of "It's About Time" -

written by John Denver & Glen D. Hardin,

sung by Mack Bailey, and available on Wish You Were Here CD.