"Awakenings" Seminar



The Awakening seminar is conducted as an intensive  two and one-half day workshop that provides an opportunity for people to face their fears of death and loss so they can live their lives “on purpose” and experience the fulfillment of expressing their love and creativity daily.

The primary purpose of the Awakening is to provide a context for profound transformation that encourages people to change from a fear-based perception of life and death, typically defined by past experience, to a love-based perception that is spiritually grounded in the moment.  By breaking through fears and self-imposed boundaries, participants awaken to the understanding that life is a gift and each person is a sacred vessel of life’s expression.  Our programs function as a catalyst to a way of being that manifests love, healing, and continuous renewal.


Our Awakening seminars involve an eclectic participant population predicated on the following: re-igniting the life force in hospice workers and other health care providers suffering from burn out; encouraging terminally ill individuals to reclaim their vitality during their remaining time on this planet; helping convicted prisoners (who are also being kept chained by their internal low self concept) to heal and acknowledge that they are valuable individuals who can choose to offer something positive to the world.


Our creative seminars are designed to facilitate personal empowerment, responsibility, accountability, and self-love by helping people embrace their own mortality and purpose on earth. Beneficial outcomes include releasing trauma stored in the mind/body/spirit due to painful life experiences, combined with providing transformational tools to convert fears/ obstacles/ blocks into inspired openings. Our program participants are directed to lovingly revere their uniqueness and dignity.

We also conduct an intensive 8-10 week Awakening program provided within the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC).  The incarcerated men and women are guided to move through past difficulties, detours and set backs, embrace their inner light and let their spirit emerge shining.   Our purpose here is to bring healing and relief from self-defeating behavior by teaching authentic self-expression and trust that they are valuable individuals who can choose to offer something positive to society.



Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation ~sponsor of the “Awakening” seminarsThe Awakening seminar is designed as a path to awaken your consciousness by providing a soul-searching encounter with your own mortality:

Over the course of the seminar you will:

  • Transform fears, difficulties, obstacles and limitations into creative openings.

  • Expand your potential while enhancing the way you live your life.

  • Embrace the totality of your being.

Outcomes participants will experience:

  • The ability to live in the possibility of unconditional trust, support and healing.

  • The challenge of their own assumptions that inhibit their full self-expression.

  • Embracing death and dying as a reality that breeds life, love, and divine spirituality.

  • The understanding that they have something significant to contribute to their loved ones, their friends, their co-workers, and their community.

We have data and testimonials from hundreds of people stating that Awakening has helped them let go of the past and release painful emotional baggage that has been holding them back from living life fully.

All seminars are facilitated by Karmen T. Dopslaff and assistants.

   Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation ~sponsor of the “Awakening” seminars    Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation ~sponsor of the “Awakening” seminars    Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation ~sponsor of the “Awakening” seminars